Global Television Network

Formula 1

Network: Global Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1990

Broadcast Medium: Television

French-Canadian father and son actors, Daniel and Manuel Gelin, starred as a father and son in this racing car series packed with action. Joseph Sinclair (Daniel Gelin), head of the Sinclair racing team where victory and glory were mixed with disappointment, frustration and defeat, had lost one son in a race and was initially reluctant to offer a driving position to his headstrong younger son, Luc (Manuel Gelin). Complicating matters were an eccentric team sponsor, Remi Chazelles (Denis Savignat), the personal problems of team driver Daniel Hardy (Serge Dupire), a rival Franco-American team and its aggressive female press attache (Domini Blythe) and the fact that death lay in wait around every turn of the racing track.

Running time: 60 minutes
Production Company: Les Communications Claude Héroux (Montreal)
Executive Producers: Claude Héroux, Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe
Producers: Roger Héroux, Philippe Allaire
Director of Cinematography: Allen Smith

Written by Joanne Ingrassia – June, 2002