CBC Television Network

First Person

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1960 to 1961

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Wednesday nights from June 1960 to February, 1961.

Not to be confused with the talk show featuring Adrienne Clarkson, this edition of First Person was a dramatic series of 30 minute pieces written and performed in the first person.

What debuted as a summer series on CBC turned out to be extended into the prime time schedule. The program featured adapted stories and original dramas from a broad range of international and Canadian writers. The executive producer was Raymond Whitehouse.

Selected titles:

End of Innocence, written by Vincent McConnor and produced by Paul Almond.

The Magnet, by Hugh Garner, produced by Harvey Hart.

Night River, by George Salverson, produced by Basil Coleman.

The Man Who Knew A Good Thing, written by Herb Hosie and produced by George McCowan.

Earn Money At Home, by W.O. Mitchell

The Trouble With Pyecraft, by HG Wells, adapted by Douglas Cleverdon

A Woman Called Anne, written by Pamela Lee produced by Basil Coleman

A Matter of Some Importance, by Roy Shields.

Written by John Corcelli – May, 2005