CBC Television Network

First Performance

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1956 to 1958

Broadcast Medium: Television

Debuted in October, 1956 to November, 1958.

First Performance was an annual, short-run series of 90 minute productions that the CBC presented as television plays. They were commissioned as part of the Canada Savings Bond promotional campaign. The campaign, and consequently the show, ended in 1958, but it provided some important original work on live television. Some of the productions:

From 1956,
Time Lock, written by Arthur Hailey and produced by Leo Orenstein.
Black of the Moon, by Leslie MacFarlane, produced by David Greene. 
The Discoverers, written by Mac Rosenfeld and George Salverson, and produced by Ronald Weyman.

From 1957,
Seeds of Power written by Arthur Hailey, featuring Lloyd Bochner, John Drainie and Patrick Macnee.
Ice on Fire, by Len Peterson. 
Cousin Elva, adapted by Leslie MacFarlane from the book by Stuart Trueman, and featuring Helene Winston and Alexander Webster.
Janey Canuck by Lister Sinclair from the book by Byrne Hope Saunders.

From 1958,
Panic at Parth Bay, by Lester Powell, produced by Harvey Hart and starring Leslie Nielsen, Frances Hyland and Louis Zorich.
The Man In The House by Marcel Dube was translated from the French by Ivor Barry, produced by Adrian Waller, and starred Gratien Gelinas, Collette Coutois, and Ovila Legare.
The Man Who Caught Bullets by Mavor Moore and produced by Mario Prizek, starring Everett Sloane.

Written by John Corcelli – February, 2005