CBC Television Network

Dr. Zonk & the Zunkins

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1974 to 1975

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired three days a week, from September 1974 to April 1975.
This children’s program was aimed at 9 to 11 year-old viewers and offered them a fast-paced show with some imagination. Unfortunately, it was considered by critics and viewers as being too childish, and was canceled after one season.
The cast of characters, all from the active imagination of a nine-year-old boy named Billy Meek, included Dr. Bob, Miss Lonelykid, Lovestory Man, Ms A Vaughn, Goomba, Honest Ralph and  Zooey and Dunkin, the computer “Zunkins”.
The show was produced by Don Elder, directed by Trevor Evans and featured some familiar Second City alumnae including John Candy, Dan Hennessey, Bob McKenna, Rosemary Radcliffe, Gilda Radner, and Fiona Reid. The Zunkins puppets were played by Nina Keogh and John Stocker. The character of Billy Meek was played by Robin Eveson. [See Coming Up Rosie]

Written by John Corcelli – August, 2005