CBC Television Network

Documentary ’60

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1959 to 1960

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Sunday evenings from October 1959 to May 1960.

This program offered the National Film Board of Canada one of its earliest opportunities to broadcast documentary films for a full season on television. This program succeeded The Candid Eye, which aired in the 1950s, with a similar approach to more experimental filmmaking on a wide range of subjects from the arts to medicine. Many of these films have been transferred to DVD.

Some of the titles included Glenn Gould: Off the Record [and its follow up On the Record] directed by Wolf Koenig, who also directed a film about fitness called I Was A Ninety-pound Weakling. Terence Macartney-Filgate offered several documentaries including End of the Line, Breaking Leaf and The Cars in Your Life. David Bairstow’s productions included Men Against The Ice, about the Northwest Passage, The Inquiring Mind, and Poisons, Pests and People. William Weintraub’s films rounded out the series with his production of Between Two Wars, which looked at Canada’s history between 1918 and 1939.

Executive Producer: Tom Daly

Producers: David Bairstow, Nicholas Balla

Written by John Corcelli – May, 2005