Société Radio-Canada (SRC) TV Network


Network: Société Radio-Canada (SRC) TV Network

Broadcast Run: 1989 to 1990

Broadcast Medium: Television

The comedy CTYVON described the adventures of a retiree who starts up a TV network in his own home.

In 1989 (first broadcast: September 4) and 1990, Radio-Canada aired 148 episodes of CTYVON. This comedy, directed by Marie Brissette and Richard Lalumière, starred Yvon Deschamps, Normand Brathwaite, Normand Chouinard, Michèle Deslauriers and Diane Lavallée. 

Airing daily, this program, which took place in the wonderful world of television, did not meet expectations and was withdrawn from the programming schedule after only one season.

Written by Yvon Chouinard – February, 2006