CBC Television Network

Chez Helene

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1959 to 1973

Broadcast Medium: Television

A daily children’s television program that debuted October 26, 1959 at 2pm. 

In 15 minutes, host Helene Baillargeon with regulars Madeleine Kronby as Louise and Susie the Mouse, as played by Charlotte Fielder, entertained and educated children in French. The program featured stories, songs and dialogue occasionally translated into English so that pre-school children, and their parents could learn French in stages. This system of learning was also known as the Tan-Gau method. The show aired after The Friendly Giant, weekday mornings [usually at 10:45 am.] and was cancelled in 1973.

The program was produced in Montreal by R. Lambert (1959-60), Jacqueline Leveillee (1966-67), Larry Shapiro and Peter Symcox (1967-73), and written by Raymond Duplantie (1959-60) and Hubert and Charlotte Fieldin.

Written by John Corcelli – October, 2003