Global Television Network

Bomb Girls

Network: Global Television Network

Broadcast Run: 2012 to 2014

Broadcast Medium: Television

Set in 1940s Toronto, Bomb Girls was originally a six x 1-hour miniseries that explored the lives of five different women who found themselves thrust into new worlds making bombs (or, for the most part, shells) on a wartime assembly line.

The series premiered on Global on Wednesday January 4th 2012, and starred Meg Tilley as Lorna, the supervisor of the team of women workers in a Canadian factory that made munitions for the allied war effort.

Joining Meg Tilly were Jodi Balfour  as free-wheeling socialite-turned-munitions worker Gladys Witham; Charlotte Hegele as wide-eyed preacher’s daughter Kate Andrews; Ali Liebert as tough-talking Prairie girl Betty McRae; and Anastasia Philips as kind-natured Vera Burr. Commissioned by Shaw Media’s original content team, the series was produced by Muse Entertainment and Back Alley Films.

The series also starred Antonio Cupo as Italian-born factory worker Marco Moretti; Sebastian Pigott  as Gladys’ fiancé James Dunn; and Peter Outerbridge as Lorna’s husband Bob Corbett.  Other roles were played by Richard Fitzpatrick, Lisa Norton, Brittany Allen, Billy MacLellan, Carlyn Burchell, Jim Codrington, James McGowan and Kate Hennig. 

The mini-series was created by Michael MacLennan and Adrienne Mitchell for Muse Entertainment and Back Alley Films, and was based on a concept by Debi Drennan and Maureen Jennings.  The executive producers were Janis Lundman, Michael MacLennan (who was also head writer), Adrienne Mitchell and Michael Prupas. The producer was Wendy Grean.

On February 6th 2012, just before the broadcast on February 8th of the sixth and final episode of the mini-series, Shaw Media announced that the high ratings generated by the first series had prompted the renewal of Bomb Girls for a further twelve episodes.

The series returned to the air on January 2nd 2013.  However, on April 22nd Global announced that a third season would not be produced, but that a two-hour made for television movie would shortly go into production . The movie would tie up the loose ends and conclude any key story lines left open at the end of season two.  The movie aired on March 27th 2014.

Written by Pip Wedge – October, 2013