Rogers Media


While conventional television broadcasters in Canada did their best to satisfy what appeared to be an insatiable appetite for biographical programs on the part of their audiences, there were still vast sources of untapped material in this genre being produced around the world. In November 2000 Rogers, in association with Shaw Cable and A and E, was granted a licence for a Canadian Biography channel,  which was modelled on the American channel of the same name and was launched the following year.

Canadian content requirements were that by the fifth year of the license, 50% of all programming had to be Canadian, and that after the first year, no less than 40% of gross revenues had to be spent on Canadian programming. Only a small percentage of programming could be in the form of documentaries or feature films.

In August 2006, Rogers bought out Shaw and A & E’s shares to become sole owners of The Biography Channel.

On February 29, 2016, Rogers replaced Biography Channel with Viceland. The station was programmed by Vice Media who had partnered with A&E Networks to launch Viceland in the U.S. At the request of Rogers Media, on February 15, 2018, the CRTC revoked the licence of Viceland.

Ownership: Rogers Media

Start Year: 2000