CBC Television Network

Best Laid Plans

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 2014

Broadcast Medium: Television

On May 21st 2013, the CBC announced that Terry Fallis’s novel The Best Laid Plans would form the basis of a new CBC one-hour series of the same title, to be broadcast in the 2014 winter season.

 The Best Laid Plans would be “a humorous and satirical journey into the world of national politics and backroom maneuvering of Canadian government.”

 The six-part drama series eventually premiered on CBC on Sunday January 5th 2014, before moving to Monday nights on January 6th.

The series starred Jonas Chernick, Kenneth Welsh, Raoul Bhaneja, Jodi Balfour, Sarah Allen, Mark McKinney, Peter Keleghan , Eric Peterson,Leah Pinsent, Sonja Smits, and Barbara Gordon. The script was adapted from Terry Fallis’s novel by Susan Coyne and Jason Sherman.