CBC Television Network

Barney Boomer

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1967 to 1968

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired Tuesday to Friday afternoons from September 1967 to January 1968

Shot on location in Oakville, Ontario.  Barney Boomer’s goal was to sail the Great lakes in his tiny houseboat, drop anchor in Sixteen Harbour and visit his Uncle Boomer in a local lighthouse, but the local councillor wouldn’t let him stay. The rest is history. The show was expanded, story-wise, and renamed, Upside Town.

[See Upside Town]


Barney Boomer: John Clayton

Florence Kozy: Lynn Gorman

Councillor Russell: Franz Russell

Trudy: Trudy Young

Captain Boomer: Rex Sevenoaks

Ma Parkin: Claire Drainie

Mr. Andrews: Claude Rae

Sam Oliver: Gerard Parkes

Susan: Belinda Montgomery

Writer: Ron Krantz

Director: Flemming Neilsen

Producers: Stu Gilchrist, Herb Roland

Written by John Corcelli – June, 2005