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Animal Planet Logo

Animal Planet Logo

Current Station Group: Bell Media Inc.

Animal Planet was licensed to CTV in November 2000, and launched on September 7, 2001, with CTV holding 80% ownership in partnership with ESPN and the U.S. Discovery Channel. The programming offered was a combination of Canadian productions and material acquired from Animal Planet in the U.S. and other international sources, providing a wide range of programming on animals, their relationships with humans, and insights into animal behaviour in both wild and domestic environments. BCE (Bell Canada Enterprises) and the Thompson Family (Globe & Mail) acquired CTV and the company became Bell Globemedia in 2001. Bell sold its majority interest in 2006 and the company became CTVglobemedia. On June 30, 2008, Animal Planet unveiled a new on-air appearance to align itself with the U.S. service. In 2011, Bell Media launched Animal Planet HD, a simulcast of the standard definition feed. BCE acquired CTVglobemedia and the company was renamed Bell Media.

Ownership: Bell Media

Start Year: 2000