CBC Television Network

72 Hours: True Crime

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 2004 to 2007

Broadcast Medium: Television

This half-hour drama was taken from the files of Canadian police stories about important crimes. The producers interviewed the officers and detectives involved as a series of re-creations told the story of a particular actual case. The title was taken from the common police notion that the first 72 hours were critical in solving a murder, based on the activities of the victim’s final hours.

46 episodes were broadcast between January 15, 2004  and March 12, 2007

The show was produced by 72 Hours Season II Inc.,  in association with CBC and Canal D. Executive Producers Robert Lang (Kensington Communications Inc.) and Robert Sandler (Creative Anarchy Inc.) were joined by Richard Meech, doing double duty as both Series Producer and Executive Producer, and Episode Producers Ximena Bensusan, Marianne Kushmaniuk and Bill Robertson.

Written by John Corcelli – July, 2006