CBC Television Network

55 North Maple

Network: CBC Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1970 to 1971

Broadcast Medium: Television

Aired weekdays at 1:30 PM from September 1970 to September, 1971
Max Ferguson never did much television during his long career at the CBC. This half hour show was an exception. It was an eclectic mix of sitcom, talk and do-it-yourself all rolled into one.
Ferguson played the part of a magazine writer who worked from his home on 55 North Maple. He lived with his sister, played by Joan Drewery, and her husband, whom we never meet. A typical program might have Joan seeking advice from an interior decorator while Max showed his friend, Harry Freedman, how to make carrot whiskey. The conversations were light but informative, much like visiting your next door neighbour.
The program was recorded on tape at Robert Lawrence Productions in Toronto, and produced by its creator, Elsa Franklin.

Written by John Corcelli – August, 2005