Insight Sports

World Fishing Network

Launched in 2005, The World Fishing Network specialty channel was owned by Insight Sports, who also operated CGTV (Casino and Gaming Television) and the GOLTV soccer channel. As its name suggests, WFN offered programming of all aspects of fresh and saltwater fishing with programming from Canada and around the world. One notable programming initiative was to rival other networks’ use of an on-screen log fire at Christmas by offering six hours of a Festive Fish Tank on Christmas morning. 

The network was unique as the only such Canadian entity to be broadcast in the U.S., where by the end of 2010 it had about 4,000,000 cable subscribers, and was looking to double that number by the end of 2011.

On January 19, 2017, the CRTC approved the sale of Insight Sports’ interest in WFN to Keywest Marketing Ltd.

Ownership: Insight Sports

Start Year: 2005