Global Television Network

True Pulp Murders

Network: Global Television Network

Broadcast Run:  2007 to 2008

Broadcast Medium: Television

Originally launched on Mystery TV in September 2007, True Pulp Murder debuted on Global on Saturday January 5th 2008 at 10:30pm.  This half-hour series, filmed in Vancouver, was billed as one-part documentary, one part graphic novel and one part detective drama.   

The concept provided for each episode to recreate an actual real life murder, and to feature the homicide investigator who worked on the case. Also featured in each program were a real-life crime novelist, who commented on the various aspects of the case, and a “graphic novelist”, the narrator who recounted the details of each murder as it was recreated. Debbie Munroe was the narrator for the series.   

The investigators who appeared in the first thirteen episodes to talk about the murders they had worked were Bob Marshall, Garry Vath, Tom Sanderson, Bob Cooper and Mark Mendelson, while the crime novelists featured were Michael Slade, Mary Jane Maffini, Daniel Kalla, Rick Mofina, David Russell and Karen Dudley.  A series of guest performers reenacted the various murders.

True Pulp Murder was produced by Make Believe Entertainment Inc, in association with Global Television. It was created by Lynn Booth (Producer), Larisa Andrews (Co-Producer), Larry Raskin (Creative Producer), Brendan Woollard (Director) and Andrew West (Illustrator).

 The series only ran for one season before being cancelled.

Written by Pip Wedge – June, 2012