Telemedia Radio Sales

Telemedia Radio Sales was the “in house” rep firm for Telemedia Radio Inc. It first started out as “Opex” which is what it was called in Montreal. Opex was a jumbled version of the word “Expo” as in Expo 67. This was signifcant in that Philippe de Gaspe Beaubien, the original owner and founder of Telemedia, was the chairman of the Expo 67 project for Montreal, before he bought the tv and radio stations that would eventually form the basis of Telemedia Inc. Opex started in 1981 shortly after Telemedia bought out CKFH radio (which eventually became CJCL and then the FAN). It changed names in 1985 to Telemedia Radio Sales to better reflect what the operation did, as in Toronto, Opex had no recognition factor or relevance. Marc Paris was the first GM of Telemedia Radio Sales, though notably, Bob Templeton of Newcap fame was one of the earlier GM’s of Opex. Telemedia Radio Sales closed its doors in September of 1995 when it became one of the founding partners in a new rep firm, Integrated Media Sales or imsradio. imsradio was a collaberation of Standard Broadcasting and Telemedia Communications Inc. (Standard held 51% of the ownership). The last GM of Telemedia Radio Sales was Byron J. Garby.

Byron Garby – 2004