Horace N. Stovin & Co.

Horace started as Horace N. Stovin & Company in 1940. In 1941, he went into partnership with Bill Wright and the company became Stovin Wright. This partnership lasted until 1945, after which the company reverted to Horace N. Stovin & Co. The company, at that time, had offices in Montreal, Toronto, and Winnipeg. Vancouver was added in 1948. In 1957, Bill Byles became a partner and the name was changed to Stovin Byles Ltd.

Subsequently, radio and TV sales were separated and Bart Gibb became a partner in Byles Gibb & Associated, handling radio. A further division resulted in the formation of Group One Radio, managed by Bev Hartin who covered small market stations – Byles Gibb handled major markets. Byles Gibb was sold to Major Markets and Group One Radio moved into the hands of Leslie Hungall and eventually ceased to exist. Stovin Byles itself ceased operations in July 1974.

Andy McDermott was sales manager of the company in the 40’s. Jack Tietolman of CKVL, Verdun, a Stovin Station, decided he wanted a smaller rep and so McDermott Sales was created, facilitated by H.N. Stovin. Bill Stephens, Dick Cutler and Dave Brydson were employees of the company.


In 1933, John Balwin was a salesman for CHWK, Chilliwack and moved to Vancouver to solicit business for that station, at the same time having informal arrangements with several American stations and Western Canada stations. In approximately 1936, John made an arrangement to represent All-Canada in Vancouver. This association continued until approximately 1950’s when All Canada set up a company-owned operation with Arnie Nelson as Manager.

Jim Stovin opened H. N. Stovin & Co. on January 1, 1948 In Vancouver. This gave us offices in Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver. John N. Hunt & Associates opened at the same time, representing Radio Reps and just about every other rep outfit other than All Canada and Stovin. He later sold to Brian Scharf and the company became Scharf Broadcast Sales.

Stovin Byles closed its doors in 1974, at which time Jim Stovin carried on as Media Representation, with most of their stations and with Group One Radio. The association with Paul L’Anglais also continued.

Jim Stovin’s Vancouver office closed in August 1988.

Written by Jim Stovin, 2011