All-Canada Radio & Television Ltd.


United Broadcast Sales was formed in Calgary by Harold Carson, Eric Harvie and Hugh Pearson to secure National Advertising for their Radio Stations. Perc Gaynor was sent to open the Toronto Office.


All-Canada Radio Facilities was formed in Winnipeg by Dawson Richardson. W. Victor George was a director and salesman in Montreal. Later in 1936, United Broadcast Sales merged with All-Canada to become All-Canada Radio Facilities Limited, owned by Harold Carson, Eric Harvie, Hugh Pearson and Dawson Richardson.


Guy Herbert moved to Toronto, Perc Gaynor moved back to the Winnipeg Office. Burt Hall opened the Montreal Office. All-Canada moved into syndicated program sales on transcriptions. Taylor Pearson & Carson formed a Management company to operate stations. All-Canada Mutually Operated stations, offering station management to owners across Canada.


Dawson Richardson sold his shares to James Richardson & Sons (no relation) who later that year sold them to Armadale Corp. (the Sifton family)


June 1st – All-Canada opened its Television Division headed by Reo Thompson with Ross McCreath in Toronto and John Cameron in Montreal as salesmen.


The name of the Company is changed to All-Canada Radio & Television Limited. Burt Hall retired after managing the Montreal Office he opened in 1937. He was succeeded by Ken Baker.


Guy Herbert retired. He was General Manager of All-Canada from 1936.


Harold Carson died. Stuart Mackay became President of All-Canada.


All-Canada moved to the new All-Canada Building at 1000 Yonge St. in Toronto. Reo Thompson became General Manager. Bob Tait became VP Radio Ross McCreath became VP Television.


Southam Publishing made a corporate decision to concentrate on their main business of publishing and not to hold any direct interest in broadcasting stations. Selkirk Holdings Limited was formed as a public company with Southam, Taylor Pearson & Carson and Armadale as the major shareholders. Stuart Mackay was named President. Over the next seven years, all jointly held broadcast companies of Taylor Pearson & Carson , Southam and the All-Canada portion of the Sifton group were merged under the Selkirk umbrella including All-Canada. The Sifton stations stayed with Armadale Corp.


All-Canada United States offices were opened in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.


Reo Thompson died. Ross McCreath was appointed General Manager. Ken Baker move to Toronto as VP Radio. Peter Sisam became Montreal Manager. Don Smith became VP Television.


Selkirk moved to new quarters at 102 Bloor St. West. Ross McCreath was appointed President of All-Canada. Selcom Radio representation company was formed in the U.S. Ken Baker moved to Selkirk to supervise the new radio stations in England. Peter Sisam became VP Radio.


Radio Sales & Marketing was formed in London under Ross McCreath to act as sales agents for all-news London Broadcasting Co. and other U.K. radio stations. Don Smith left to join BCTV. Dennis FitzGerald became VP TV.


Peter Sisam was appointed General Manager of All-Canada. Seltel TV representation company in the U.S.


Peter Sisam moved to Selkirk as Vice President of Selkirk’s U.S. representation companies, Selcom Radio and Seltel TV.


Dennis FitzGerald left to join CTV. Brian Foley was appointed VP TV.


Peter Sisam left to join CTV. U.S. and U.K. representation companies were assigned to Ross McCreath


Stuart Mackay retired. Rafe Engle became President of Selkirk Communications Ltd.,


Ross McCreath moved to Selkirk in charge of all representation operations. Brian Foley moved to Selkirk to be in charge of Selkirk’s TV Stations Alan Butler became President of All-Canada.


U.S. & U.K. representations companies were sold.


Selkirk and its subsidiaries were purchased by Maclean-Hunter. Ross McCreath retired. All-Canada was sold to Rogers Broadcasting Ltd.


Alan Butler retired. John Gorman became President of All-Canada.


All-Canada sold it’s Television Division to Western Broadcast Sales.


December 31st, All-Canada Radio was merged with United Broadcast Sales to become Canadian Broadcast Sales, jointly owned by Rogers Broadcasting and Westcom Radio. Patrick Greirson was appointed President. John Gorman moved to Rogers Broadcasting as Vice-President, Sales and Development

Written by Ross McCreath – March, 2000