Zoomer Media Group

The Christian Channel

The Christian Channel was Canada’s first nationally licensed digital television service programmed specifically for Christian viewers.  In December 2000 it was licensed to Vision TV (which later rebranded as S-VOX, and also owned One: the Body Mind and Spirit Channel) but did not launch until October 2005. The channel was designed to “entertain, inform, enlighten and inspire all practising Christians, and those still seeking,” and “to proclaim the values of the Christian Church to Canadians 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” In addition to scheduling programs featuring well-known Christian leaders like Peter Marshall and Benny Hinn, the channel also included some of the more enlightened American drama series, such as Highway to Heaven and Twice In a Lifetime.

On March 30th the CTTC approved the application by ZoomerMedia Limited to acquire all outstanding shares in the Christian Channel, which brought with them ownership of CHNU-TV Fraser Valley and CIIT-TV Winnipeg.

Ownership: Zoomer Media Group

Start Year: 2000