CFWH-TV, CBC Northern TV Service, Whitehorse

Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

StationYearChannelNetwork AffiliateOwner/Info
CFWH-TV19686CBC Northern ServiceCanadian Broadcasting Corp.


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation received a licence on May 28 to operate a new television station at Whitehorse. It would broadcast over channel 6 with an effective radiated power of 300 watts video and 30 watts audio. Antenna height (EHAAT) would be 1,248 feet. The CBC already operated CFWH-AM in Whitehorse.

CFWH-TV signed on the air November 26.


CFWH-TV changed from being a Frontier Coverage Package operation to receiving CBC programming via satellite.


On December 2, CFWH-TV was authorized to increase effective radiated video power from 300 watts to 441 watts.


CFWH-TV along with CBDDT Dawson, CBKHT-1 Elsa, CBDBT Faro, CBKHT-2 Mayo, and CBDAT Watson Lake, was noted as being a radiocommunication distribution undertaking, distributing the programs of the CBC Northern Television Service.

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