CBST-TV, Sept-Iles

Société Radio Canada

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CBST-TV198213n/aSociété Radio Canada


A licence was granted for a new television station at Sept-Iles, operating on channel 13 with an effective radiated power of 8,100 watts video and 1,620 watts audio.


On October 23, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Radio-Canada) opened CBST-TV as a retransmitter of CBGAT-TV Matane.


A new broadcast facility was expected to open in Sept-Iles. The two storey building would accommodate the CBC’s first radio and television studios in the community.


On November 1, CBST-TV channel 13 became an partial originating station and was no longer a full-time rebroadcaster of CBGAT-TV.


On January 11, the CRTC renewed CBST-TV’s licence until September 30, 1985.


On December 10, CBST-6 Rivière-au-Tonnerre received approval to change channel from 2 to 7 and to decrease effective radiated power from 1,640 watts to 1,560 watts. 


As of November, CBST no longer rebroadcast the programming of CBGAT Matane.


By this time, CBST operated the following rebroadcasters: CBST-1 Havre-Saint-Pierre (on air since December 2, 1967), CBST-2 Schefferville (November 12, 1973), CBST-3 Labrador City (November 5, 1973), CBST-4 Churchill Falls (August 29, 1970), CBST-5 Fermont (December 20, 1973), CBST-6 Rivière-au-Tonnerre (May 29, 1975), CBST-7 Aguanish-Natashquan (May 29, 1975), CBST-8 Baie-Johan-Beetz (April 8, 1975), CBST-9 Gethsémani/La Romaine (March 28, 1975), CBST-11 Harrington Harbour (December 29, 1978), CBST-12 Tête-à-la-Baleine (December 29, 1978), CBST-13 La Tabatière (December 29, 1978), CBST-14 Saint-Augustin (Saguenay) (December 16, 1978), CBST-15 Old Fort Bay (December 16, 1978), CBST-16 Rivière-Saint-Paul (December 16, 1978), CBST-17 Blanc-Sablon (February 19, 1979), CBST-18 Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan (June 2, 1982) and CBST-19 Baie-Comeau (December 2, 1978).


CBST-7 Aguanish/Natashquan received approval August 30 to increase effective radiated power from 243 watts to 326 watts. 


On January 23, the CBC was authorized to change the program source for CBST-2 Schefferville and CBST-4 Churchill Falls, from CBST Sept-Iles to CBFT Montréal, received via satellite. 

Because of budget cuts at the CBC, CBGAT Matane, CJBR-TV Rimouski and CBST Sept-Îles became rebroadcasters of CBVT Quebec City. The CBC said it intended to retain the capability to feed separate station identification, public service announcements and commercial messages to these stations from CBVT.

CBST-5 Fermont and CBST-3 Labrador City were authorized to change program source on June 21, from CBST to CBFT Montréal, received via satellite.

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