Coperative Television de L’Outrouais

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CFVO-TV197430TVA NetworkCoperative Television de L’Outrouais


On August 3, Cooperative Television de l’Outaouais was given approval to operate a new French language television station in Ottawa-Hull. Competing applications by Tele-Metropole and Corporation Civitas Ltee were denied.


La Coopérative de Télévision de l’Outaouais opened CFVO-TV Channel 30, Canada’s first television station owned by a co-operative, on September 1. CFVO was affiliated with the TVA network.


Twelve employees were laid off and local programming was reduced from 16 hours a week to 2.5 hours, in an attempt to reduce the deficit for the year down to $500,000.

CFVO was attacked by the CRTC for showing pornographic films on Friday nights at 11:00 p.m. The blue Cinerotique movies reportedly drew larger audiences than all other television stations in Ottawa-Hull, French or English, combined in its time slot. These movies were discontinued by the summer.

CFVO station president was Remy Beauregard, and station manager was Gilles Poulin.


CFVO-TV went into receivership on February 24. A month later it was off the air and the licence was revoked. The CRTC called a public hearing for a new television station to offer TVA network programming to the region. The deadline for applications was August 31.

In April, Radio-Quebec, purchased CFVO-TV’s facilities for $540,000 and applied to take over the licence. Radio-Quebec already operated stations in Montreal and Quebec City and had plans for a province-wide network of 54 transmitters.

Only two applicants came forward to replace CFVO-TV. Both applied to use channel 40 – Tele-Metropole Inc. with effective radiated power of 345,000 watts video, and Radio Nord Inc. with ERP of 341,200 watts video.

Radio-Quebec received CRTC approval to operate a television transmitter in the region to rebroadcast educational network programming using the former CFVO facilities (727,000 watts video ERP on channel 30).


Radio Nord Inc., owner of radio and TV stations in the Rouyn-Noranda area of north-western Quebec, was licenced to operate a TVA network affiliate on channel 40 with an effective radiated power of 341,200 watts at Ottawa-Hull. Local investors would be invited to purchase up to 49% of the shares of the new station. Tele-Metropole’s application was denied. (See CHOT-TV for more information)

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