CBEFT-TV, SRC TV Network, Windsor

Société Radio Canada

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CBEFT-TV198254SRCSociété Radio-Canada
CBEFT-TV197678SRCSociété Radio-Canada


The CBC’s CBEFT began broadcasting on July 10 – on channel 78. The official launch date was July 16 – so the station was on the air in time for the following day’s opening ceremonies of the Montreal Olympic games. In the beginning, CBEFT was a rebroadcast transmitter for CBFT Montreal (French – Radio-Canada). Radio-Canada also owned and operated CBEF-AM 540 in Windsor.


CBEFT moved from channel 78 to channel 54 on October 29. Channels 70 through 83 were taken away from UHF television to be used for other purposes.


The CRTC noted at CBEFT’s licence renewal hearing that the station rebroadcast the  programming of CBLFT Toronto, as well as most of the network programming of the Radio-Canada network. It was further noted that CBEFT was unable to rebroadcast all of the network’s programs due to the blackout requirements for some local sporting events. As the city of Detroit, MI was situated within the station’s coverage area, certain  American programs which were protected by U.S. broadcast rights could not be aired on CBEFT. Given these special circumstances, CBEFT ended its broadcast day at 11:20 p.m. Monday through Thursday and, during the remainder of the broadcast period rebroadcast late-night feature films and other station-acquired programs.


Sister station CBET-TV Channel 9 (English) was auhtorized to move its transmitter and antenna from downtown Windsor to CBEFT’s site at McGregor.


On August 16, the CRTC approved applications by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to continue to operate 22 analog television rebroadcasting transmitters until August 31, 2012 in markets that the Commission identified as mandatory for conversion to digital transmission, and to make associated technical changes. This approval included CBEFT Windsor. In addition, to maximize coverage while avoiding interference to protected services, the CBC also applied to change the channel and make associated technical changes to CBEFT. The Windsor transmitter would operate on channel 35 with an average effective radiated power of 12,000 watts (maximum ERP of 36,000 watts). The station would use a directional antenna with height above average terrain (EHAAT) of 206.8 metres. Approval of the CBC’s proposal, and related technical amendments, would provide additional time for affected households that rely on over-the-air service in mandatory markets to find other means to access the CBC’s television services. Approval of the proposal would also provide an opportunity for the Commission to discuss the CBC’s plans for its over-the-air transmitter system at the time of the CBC’s licence renewal hearing, now scheduled for June 2012. The deadline for conversion from analog to digital in mandatory markets was August 31. On that date, CBEFT moved from channel 54 to channel 35. As mentioned above, the CBC had received permission for CBEFT to remain in analog operation using a different channel until the end of August, 2012. 

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