CJSS-TV, Cornwall

E.L. Bushnell Associates

StationYearChannelNetwork AffiliateOwner/Info
CJOH-TV-119638CTVE.L. Bushnell Associates
CJSS-TV19618CBCCornwall Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (Emard)
CJSS-TV19598CBCCornwall Broadcasting Co. Ltd. (Shankman)


The Cornwall Standard-Freeholder (owner of CKSF-AM-FM) announced it would seek a television licence. An application would be filed in association with Horace N. Stovin, Toronto Radio-TV executive. The Department of Transport had recently announced that channel 8 had been allocated to Cornwall subject to certain technical conditions. The newspaper did file an application and the television station received approval from the Board of Broadcast Governors.


Stanley Shankman purchased CKSF-AM and FM from the Standard-Freeholder. He changed the call letters to CJSS-AM and FM with the “SS” in the calls representing his name. The call letters changed on June 1. Studios and offices moved to 237 Water Street which would also house the soon to open CJSS-TV Channel 8. CJSS-TV signed on the air October 18. It was an affiliate of the CBC Television Network.


Roger Des Loges joined CJSS Radio-TV from North Bay. The sale of CJSS Radio and Television by Cornwall Broadcasting Ltd., controlled by Stanley R. Shenkman, was announced. It still required BBG approval. The company won the television licence about 18 months earlier, after purchasing CJSS Radio from the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder. The purchaser was Bushnell Broadcasting Associates Ltd. with Granada TV Network Ltd. (UK), Beaver Film Productions and Canadian Marconi Ltd. (owner of CFCF Radio-TV in Montreal). Bushnell was recently awarded an Ottawa TV licence and held an interest in the Pembroke TV station. Later in the year, an application was made to the BBG to transfer the shares of capital stock of Cornwall Broadcasting Ltd. (CJSS-TV) to E.L. Bushnell Associates of Ottawa.


The Emard Family acquired CJSS-AM-FM and TV from Stanley R. Shenkman’s Cornwall Broadcasting Ltd.


The Emards sold CJSS-TV to Ernie Bushnell (Bushnell TV Co. Ltd.), owner of CJOH-TV in Ottawa. The family retained the Cornwall radio stations. CJSS-TV left the air as a local, Cornwall station and became a full-time rebroadcaster of Bushnell’s CJOH-TV in Ottawa – a CTV affiliate. CJSS became Canada’s first TV station to cease local operation and become a rebroadcaster of another station. The call letters would change to CJOH-TV-1, serving the Seaway Valley from its transmitter at Lancaster. The Cornwall transmitter was operating at this time with 260,000 watts video and 140,000 watts audio, on channel 8. CJOH now served “Ottawa and The Seaway”.

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