CFCE-TV, Antigonish

Atlantic Television Co. Ltd

StationYearChannelNetwork AffiliateOwner/Info
CFCE-TV19619CBCAtlantic Television Co. Ltd.


CFXU-TV in Antigonish signed on the air June 28. It was a CBC affiliate.


CFXU-TV was knocked off the air for two weeks when a sleet storm hit the region. The 487 foot tower at Rossfield, 24 miles west of Antigonish, collapsed under the ice on January 3. A temporary tower eventually got the station back on the air.

The station was owned by Atlantic Television Co. Ltd. and broadcast on channel 9 with an effective radiated power of 73,000 watts video and 37,000 watts audio. H. J. Webb was president and general manager.


CFXU-TV was acquired by Cape Breton Broadcasters Ltd. (owner of CJCB Radio & Television) of Sydney. CFXU-TV became a full rebroadcaster of CJCB-TV, known as CJCB-TV-2.

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