CJCL-TV, Labrador City/Wabush

Iron Ore Co. of Canada Aviation Ltd.

StationYearChannelNetwork AffiliateOwner/Info
CJCL-TVn/a13CBCIron Ore Co. of Canada Aviation Ltd.


CJCL-TV began broadcasting.


On July 28, the licences for the Iron Ore Co. of Canada Aviation Ltd. stations CFKL-TV Schefferville, QC and CJCL-TV Labrador City, NL were renewed for two years only. The Iron Ore Co. of Canada Aviation Ltd. was considered an ineligible company because of its ownership and financial arrangements with the Iron Ore Co. of Canada. About 60% of the shares of the latter company were owned by American companies. The entire program schedule for both stations came from the CBC – provided on video tape. 73% of the programs on CJCL-TV were in English and 27% in French. It was considered unlikely another company would be willing to buy these stations so the licences were renewed for a short-term under the existing ownership.


On March 30, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was given approval to acquire CJCL-TV and CFKL-TV from Iron Ore Co. of Canada Aviation Ltd. CJCL-TV would continue to operate on channel 13 with power of 214 watts video and 43 watts audio (directional). Full CBC network programming would now be received via satellite.


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