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CFLA-TV Goose Bay was founded by the United States Air Force through a Canada-U.S. agreement. The station’s licence was held by the CBC while the USAF maintained and operated the station. CFLA-TV operated on channel 8 with 348 watts video and 174 watts audio.


The CBC lists the launch date for CFLA-TV as August 25.


By this time, CFLA-TV operated with 870 watts video and 435 watts audio.


On September 15, television viewers in the Maritimes and Newfoundland began seeing CBC network programs an hour earlier. Because of time zone differences these viewers had long been seeing programs at a later hour than other parts of the country. The network was now showing its programs at local times, corresponding whenever possible, to scheduling elsewhere in Canada. The change was thanks to video tape recording equipment for television, with instant replay for programs – colour and black & white. The CBC Halifax video tape centre was the key point for the operation with microwave facilities being used during the night hours to feed programs from Toronto for showing the following day. The national newscast produced live in Toronto for transmission directly via closed circuit microwave to Halifax for viewers in the Maritimes and Newfoundland who would now see it at 11 p.m. Atlantic Time and 11:30 Newfoundland Time. A second edition of the newscast was then transmitted an hour later (11 p.m. Eastern Time) for viewing in Central Canada.


The U.S. Air Force formally transferred CFLA-TV over to the CBC. CFLA-TV was given approval to change from being a CBC Frontier Coverage Package station – airing programs on a delayed basis – to a satellite-fed station.


CFLA-TV rceived permission to increase effective radiated video power from 870 watts to 4,900 watts and to change the antenna site.


Approval was given for another increase in effective radiated video power – to 6,400 watts and another change of transmitter site.


Local origination colour capability was added at CFLA-TV. The control room was refurbished and colour cameras were added.


By this time, CFLA-TV operated with an effective radiated power of 870 watts video and 435 watts audio. Studios and offices were located at 565 G Street.


On March 1, in having its licence renewed, the CRTC noted that CFLA-TV for the most part rebroadcast the programming of CBNT St. John’s. CFLA broadcast 3 hours and 20 minutes of locally-produced programming per week, consisting of a ten minute insert during the daily news and public affairs show, “Here and Now”, originating from CBNT, and a 30-minute news and general interest program entitled “Coffee Break”, broadcast on weekday mornings.


CFLA-TV Goose Bay and CBNLT Labrador City became rebroadcasting transmitters of CBNT-TV St. John’s. On October 8, CFLA-TV was given approval to decrease effective radiated power from 6,800 watts to 1,930 watts. With this change, a new antenna system was installed.

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