CIIT-DT, Winnipeg


StationYearChannelNetwork AffiliateOwner/Info
CIIT-DT201135.1 (35)Omni
CIIT-TV201035OmniZoomermedia Ltd.
CIIT-TV200535OmniZoomermedia Ltd.


On August 8, Trinity Television Inc. was awarded a licence for a religious television station to serve the Winnipeg area. In addition to primarily Christian-oriented programming, the new station would offer programs reflecting a diversity of religions and points of view. Trinity was the owner of CHNU-TV in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley. The new Winnipeg station would broadcast on channel 35 with an effective radiated power of 20,000 watts.


On November 12, NOWTV Manitoba Inc. was authorized to purchase CIIT-TV Winnipeg from Trinity Television Inc. while CHNU-TV was acquired by NOWTV British Columbia Inc. NOWTV Manitoba and NOWTV British Columbia were owned 100% by NOWTV Broadcasting Inc. which was 100% owned by Trinity Television Holdings Inc.


On May 20, Rogers Broadcasting Limited was given approval to purchase CIIT-TV and CHNU-TV from NOWTV Manitoba and NOWTV British Columbia. Trinity sold the stations due to significant financial losses related to the operation of CHNU-TV since its launch.

On December 7, CIIT-TV was given approval to move its transmitter site.


After many delays, CIIT-TV signed on the air February 6 as “Omni 11” (11 for its cable position). CIIT had originally planned to launch in September 2004 as NOWTV and then on November 14, 2005 as Omni TV.

Studios and offices were co-located with Rogers radio stations CITI-FM and CKY-FM at 4-166 Osborne Street in Winnipeg. 


On March 30, the CRTC approved, subject to certain conditions, the applications by ZoomerMedia Limited, on behalf of itself and on behalf of Christian Channel Inc. and ONE: The Body, Mind and Spirit Channel Inc., for authority to effect a multi-step transaction involving the specialty television service VisionTV, the Category 1 specialty television service ONE: The Body, Mind and Spirit Channel and the television stations CHNU-TV Fraser Valley and CIIT-TV Winnipeg, as well as for a new broadcasting licence to continue the operation of VisionTV. Further, the Commission approved an application by MZ Media Inc. (CFZM, CFMZ-FM, CFMZ-DR-1 Toronto and CFMX-FM Cobourg) for authority to transfer all its issued and outstanding shares from Mr. Moses Znaimer to ZoomerMedia. ZoomerMedia is a public corporation effectively controlled by Mr. Moses Znaimer, who owns directly and indirectly, through his holding corporation Olympus Management Limited, 77.89% of the voting interest in ZoomerMedia. Following the transaction, Mr. Znaimer would own, directly and indirectly, a 66.28% voting interest in ZoomerMedia and continue to exercise effective control of the corporation.

A restructuring plan at ZoomerMedia, connected to the recent acquisition of Vision TV, ONE: The Body, Mind & Spirit Channel, Joytv 10 Vancouver and Joytv 11 Winnipeg, resulted in the loss of 25 positions in Toronto and Vancouver. Division President Bill Roberts said personnel losses resulted from redundancy in marketing and sales within ZoomerMedia. The restructuring was expected to result in annual cost savings of about $1.5 million. 


The CRTC approved an amendment to the licence of conventional television station CIIT-TV to add a post -transition digital television transmitter on channel 35 with a maximum effective radiated power of 6,000 watts (average ERP of 3,500 watts). Effective height above average terrain would be 240 metres and a directional antenna would be used. Programming would be fed to the transmitter by microwave. The existing Rogers tower would be used.

On August 17, the CRTC renewed the licence for CIIT-DT until August 31, 2013. 

The deadline for the conversion of analog television to digital in mandatory markets was August 31. On that date, CIIT-TV shut down its analog transmitter and CIIT-DT began digital operations on the existing channel 35 (virtual channel 35.1).

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