CBWFT-DT, SRC-TV, Winnipeg

Société Radio-Canada

StationYearChannelNetwork AffiliateOwner/Info
CBWFT-DT20113.1 (51)SRCSociété Radio-Canada
CBWFT-TV19603SRCSociété Radio-Canada


The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation launched CBWFT channel 6 on April 24. The French CBC TV network now stretched from Moncton to Winnipeg.


CBWFT swapped dial positions with sister station CBWT on November 21. CBWFT was now on channel 3. While on channel 4, CBWFT had an effective radiated power of 2,870 watts video and 1,720 watts audio.


CBWFT’s rebroadcaster at Nelson was authorized to operate from a new transmitter site.


CBWFT was authorized to add transmitters at Flin Flon (channel 3 with effective radiated power of 134 watts) and The Pas (ch 6 with ERP of 134 watts).


CBWFT had its licence renewed. The CRTC noted it was now producing 4 ½ hours weekly of local programming and had plans to add three more hours over the next three years. The CBC noted that additional rebroadcasters in Manitoba would extend CBC French service to over 90% of the province’s French population by 1980.


CBWFT installed two new NEC 5 kw transmitters. They ran in a parallel arrangement.


On May 7, the CBC received approval to delete the following transmitters from the licence of CBWFT: CBKFT Regina, CBKFT-1 Saskatoon, CBKFT-2 Prince Albert, CBKFT-3 Debden, CBKFT-4 St-Brieux, CBKFT-5 Zenon Park, CBKFT-6 Gravelbourg, CBKFT-7 Ponteix, CBKFT-8 Willow Bunch, CBKFT-10 Moose Jaw, CBKFT-11 Leoville, CBKFT-12 North Battleford. CBKFT and the above rebroadcast transmitters would continue operation under a separate licence, with French-language programming originating from studios located in Regina.


On March 18, CBWFT received approval to increase the effective radiated power for CBWFT-11 Fort Frances (Ontario) from 10,000 watts to 12,500 watts.


As of 2000, CBWFT operated the following transmitters: Manitoba – CBWFT-1 The Pas, CBWFT-2 Flin Flon, CBWFT-3 St. Lazare, CBWFT-4 Ste. Rose du Lac, CBWFT-5 Thompson, CBWFT-6 Pine Falls, CBWFT-10 Brandon and CBWFT-12 Oak Lake. Ontario – CBWFT-7 Kenora, CBWFT-9 Dryden and CBWFT-11 Fort Frances.


On May 12 the CRTC renewed CBWFT’s licence, including the following rebroadcast transmitters: CBWFT-1 The Pas, CBWFT-10 Brandon, CBWFT-12 Oak Lake, CBWFT-2 Flin Flon, CBWFT-3 St. Lazare, CBWFT-4 Ste. Rose du Lac, CBWFT-5 Thompson and CBWFT-6 Pine Falls. Ontario: CBWFT-11 Fort Frances, CBWFT-7 Kenora and CBWFT-9 Dryden.


On August 9, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence of CBWFT and its transmitters to March 31, 2011.

On November 17, the CRTC approved the application by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to amend the licence for CBWFT-TV to add a post-transition digital transmitter in order to serve the population of Winnipeg. The transmitter would operate on channel 51 with an average effective radiated power of 7,600 watts (non-directional antenna with an effective height of antenna above average terrain of 138.9 metres).


On March 29, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence for CBWFT-TV until August 31, 2012. The Commission noted that it did not intend to renew authorizations for full-power analog transmitters operating in the mandatory markets or on channels 52 to 69 outside the mandatory markets beyond August 31, 2011. By that time, the Commission expected licensees to have the necessary authority to broadcast in digital. In addition, the Commission imposed the following condition of licence on stations that operated in mandatory markets or on channels 52 to 69 outside the mandatory markets: Unless otherwise authorized by the Commission, the licensee shall not transmit analog television signals after 31 August 2011 in mandatory markets designated as such by the Commission in Broadcasting Regulatory Policy 2011-184 or transmit television signals on channels 52 to 69. The CRTC also noted that pursuant to Broadcasting Regulatory Policy 2010-69, it did not intend to renew authorizations to operate transitional digital transmitters included in these licences, beyond August 31, 2011.

August 31 was the deadline for the conversion of analog to digital for television stations in mandatory markets, but CBWFT was not expected to change over until September 30. It would move from analog channel 3 to digital channel 51 (virtual channel of 3.1).


On July 17, the CRTC approved the request to amend the licences for 23 English- and French-language television stations operated by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in order that reference to all analog transmitters be deleted. The CBC planned to cease operation of all these transmitters on 31 July 2012. The licences for the following transmitters were removed from the CBWFT-DT licence: CBWFT-10 Brandon, CBWFT-9 Dryden (ON), CBWFT-2 Flin Flon, CBWFT-11 Fort Frances (ON), CBWFT-7 Kenora (ON), CBWFT-12 Oak Lake, CBWFT-6 Pine Falls, CBWFT-3 St. Lazare, CBWFT-4 Ste. Rose du Lac, CBWFT-1 The Pas, and CBWFT-5 Thompson.

On August 9, the CRTC administratively renewed the licence of CBWFT-DT until August 31, 2013.


On May 28, the CRTC renewed CBWFT-DT’s licence for a five year term, to August 31, 2018.

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