CTV Television Network

Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye

Network: CTV Television Network

Broadcast Run: 2002 to 2005

Broadcast Medium: Television

Inspired by the true story of Ohio native Sue Thomas, this groundbreaking series followed the career of a woman, deaf since birth, who moved from analyzing fingerprints for the FBI to using her lip-reading skills to earn her a place on the Bureau’s elite surveillance team. Aided by her seeing-eye dog Levi (whose hearing was equally important in drawing Sue’s attention to things she might have missed), Sue’s character helped bring criminals to justice – but equally importantly, as played by Deanne Bray, who is herself deaf, demonstrated that life without sound isn’t necessarily life without meaning and fulfillment.

Others in the cast were Yannick Bisson, Rick Peters, Mark Gomes, Tara Samuel, Ted Atherton and Enuka Okuma, with Jesse as Sue’s faithful four-footed friend Levi. The one-hour series debuted on the U.S. PAX cable network in October 2002, and joined the CTV schedule on February 22nd 2003 on Saturdays at 7:00pm. The series returned for the 2003-2004 season, again on Saturdays, but moving to 8:00pm. It was back in the fall of 2004 on Saturdays, but at 7pm.   The CTV 2005-2006 schedule announced in June 2005 showed Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye in repeats at 4:00pm Saturdays, and as a mid-season prime time replacement on Saturdays at 10:00pm.  It ended on CTV in 2005.

The series was produced in Toronto for CTV and PAX in the U.S, by Marilyn Stonehouse for Pebblehut Productions.