Stingray Music

In 1995, the CBC received CRTC approval to operate the national pay audio service, Galaxie. When It launched in 1997, Galaxie had 30 channels in English and French. In 2002, Galaxie and Max Trax (Corus Entertainment) began providing a joint 40 channel music service called Galaxie Max Trax. The new service offered 20 Galaxie and 20 Max Trax channels. Stingray Digital took over sales and development for Galaxie in 2007. Stingray acquired Max Trax from Corus in 2009. The Max Trax name was dropped when the two services were merged under the Galaxie name, and Stingray was now the managing partner. In 2011, Stingray acquired Galaxie from the CBC. In the same year, the number of channels being offered was now up to 100. Through 2014 and 2015, the Galaxie name was eased out on the various channels and replaced by Stingray Music. A mobile app was introduced in 2014 and a year later over 2000 personalized channels were being offered. The Stingray Music service was now being provided to a number of countries around the world, including the U.S.

Start Year: 1997