Global Television Network


Network: Global Television Network

Broadcast Run: 1989 to 1997

Broadcast Medium: Television

This was one of the first animated series that focused on environmental concerns of the day and attempted to teach children to be environmentally friendly as the series tackled the greenhouse effect, acid rain, toxic waste and endangered species. The story was based around the Suntots who lived an idyllic existence on Coral Island until they had to battle for their very survival against the evil Smoggies who were intent on polluting the sea and air around them. The Smoggies were comprised of ringleader Emma and her crew of Captain Clarence and sidekick Polluto. The Suntots utlized sun, wind and water power to block the polluting efforts of the Smoggies.

Broadcast: 1989 – 1997
Time slots: various. Saturday and Sunday afternoons, then weekends 8:30 am

Production Company: Cinar Films Inc. (Montreal) in association with the Global Television Network, Telefilm, Anteene 2, France Animation and Initial Groupe
Executive Producers: Micheline Charest and Jean Cazes
Producers: Ronald A. Weinberg and Lila Cazes
Director: Gerald Potterton
Art Director: Joseph Van Lamsweerde
Script Writer: Mike Short

Written by Joanne Ingrassia – May, 2002