Current Station Group: Corus Entertainment Inc.

Another in the group of very successful Alliance Atlantis-owned cable specialty channels, the Life Network was launched in January 1995, having been licensed seven months earlier.  Its content was as wide-ranging as life itself, with a broad range of programming of interest to all demographics and lifestyles.  A typical day’s schedule could include programs on such diverse subjects as cosmetic surgery, a series on abandoned and injured dogs, how to plan a wedding, hints and tips on home improvement, and a series on the entertainment industry.

On March 5 2007, Alliance Atlantis relaunched the Channel, now branded as Slice, a channel aimed at women 18 – 49, and promising to bring “…an unapologetic attitude to topics that matter to women – family, fashion, relationships, celebrity, finances and gossip, to name just a few.”  Kelly Osbourne and Ellie Tesher were named as two of the hosts for the new channel.

CanWest Media Networks acquired Alliance Atlantis in December 2007, and with it ownership of Slice.

2010 saw Shaw Communications acquire CW Media. Slice HD was launched on May 29, 2013. Shaw later created a media division for its TV holdings and that company (Shaw Media) was sold to Corus Entertainment in 2016.

Written by Pip Wedge – March, 2007

Ownership: CanWest

Start Year: 2007