Channel Zero Inc

Silver Screen Classics

In September 2003, Channel Zero Inc, already licensees of the short film channel Movieola, was given a licence to operate a new cable specialty channel to be called Silver Screen Classics, whose schedule would include “Golden Oldies feature films and B Movies spanning all genres”. The channel was launched in 2004. 

Channel Zero also operated the Movieola channel, plus three adult channels. In December 2007 the company was given licences for two new channels, Movie Trailer TV and Short Form TV, but as of March 2014 these had not yet been launched.

Channel Zero was scheduled for a CRTC hearing on April 28th 2014 on an application for corporate reorganization, but the Commission indicated that it had concerns about Channel Zero’s apparent non-compliance with conditions of licence for some of their specialty channels.

Ownership: Channel Zero Inc

Start Year: 2004