Specialty Channel

Sharky and George

Network: Specialty Channel

Broadcast Run: 1995 to 1998

Broadcast Medium: Television

Sharky and George were the underwater equivalent of Sherlock Holmes and his crime-solving partner Watson. These two sea-bed detectives set out each episode to solve the dark deeds perpetrated in their midst. Whether they investigated a pink cloud floating through “Siliclam Valley” or fin-wrestling an escape from “Albatras”, Sharky and his little-fish friend George unravelled the knots of the most complicated cases. Egocentric Sharky tended to come up with solutions either through luck or with the help of George whose calm, methodical approach made him the true ace detective. Each episode introduced a variety of other underwater creatures playing good and bad characters.

Broadcast: 1995 – 1998
Time slots: Saturday 11:00 am, then weekdays
Running time: 30 minutes

Production Company: Animation Cine-Group J.P. Inc. (Montreal) and Label 35 (France), in association with Telefilm Canada, Television Quatre Saisons, Services Financiers Capital Inc. and Societe en commandite Sharky
Executive Producers: Claude Huhardeaux, Jacques Pettigrew, Andre Lamy, Henri Lemierre
Designer/Director: Michel Haillard
Writers: Michel Haillard, Patrick Regnard

Written by Joanne Ingrassia – June, 2002