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Saskatchewan Communications Network

In 1991, the CRTC granted a licence to the Saskatchewan government to operate the Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN), a non-profit satellite-to-cable channel to deliver cultural and educational programming in Saskatchewan. It would later be available via direct-to-home satellite services.

On March 24th 2010 the Saskatchewan government announced that it intended to close down SCN because of low ratings, but on December 23rd the CRTC approved the sale of the Network to Bluepoint Investments, and in the decision, SCN was allowed to carry commercials in the program service between 3.00 pm and 5.59 a.m.

On December 20th, Rogers announced that its network of City-TV stations would be expanding into Saskatchewan, through a deal with SCN. Effective January 2nd 2012, SCN would carry the City-TV national service between 3:00 pm and 5:59 am daily, during which time it would be identified as “City-TV on SCN”. Locally originated programming would continue to be seen on SCN from 6:00 am to 2.59 pm.

Early in 2012, Rogers announced that they would be seeking CRTC approval for them to gain 100% control of SCN, with a view to rebranding and relaunching it as Citytv Saskatchewan.   Rogers Media said they would provide capital investment for production upgrades, including offering a high definition signal for Citytv Saskatchewan and updating traffic equipment.

Citytv Saskatchewan would operate out of Regina with the current management team and employees, with support from the extended Citytv and Rogers Media family.

The application was approved on October 21st 2012.

Ownership: Rogers Media

Start Year: 1991