CBC Radio


Network: CBC Radio

Broadcast Run: 1985 to 1995

Broadcast Medium: Radio

Aired daily at 1PM on CBC Stereo from 1985 to December 29, 1995. Leon Cole was the beloved host of this all-request program that at one time had a daily audience measured at 300,000. The format was simple: play music that listeners want to hear and invite them to tell a personal story about the music and their connection to it. This tradition continued on Take Five and Here’s To You on Radio 2. Cole hosted the program from Winnipeg and in its final year, collected all of the mail and wrote a book about it in 1996. It was called, “Dear RSVP: Listeners Share Music, Life & Laughter with Leon Cole”. The book included a CD of selected favourites by listeners. Host: Leon ColeGuest Host: Bill RichardsonProducer: Andrea RatuskiAssociate Producer: Don Anderson