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Rookie Blue

Network: Global Television Network

Broadcast Run: 2010 to 2015

Broadcast Medium: Television

Broadcast Medium: Television

In the spring of 2009, with a commitment from Canwest Global already in hand, Toronto producer writer Tassie Cameron secured a thirteen episode order from the U.S. ABC Network for a new one-hour police series,to be titled Copper. Cameron had already made her mark as Executive Producer and head writer of the CTV/CBS series Flashpoint, as well as having been the co-creator of the CBC series Wild Roses.

Included in the all-Canadian cast were Missy Peregrym,  Gregory Smith and Travis Milne. Other members of the cast included Enuka Okuma, Charlotte Sullivan, Ben Bass, Eric Johnson, Matt Gordon, Noam Jenkins, and Melanie Nicholls King. The series was created by Morwyn Brebner and Ellen Vanstone for Thump Inc. and E1 Entertainment, and went into production in July 2009, with Tassie Cameron as Head Writer. Copper dealt with the lives of a group of rookie cops fresh out of the Academy.

Copper did not make it into the Global schedule in the Fall of 2009.  When the series debuted on June 24th 2010, in simulcast with ABC, it had been retitled Rookie Blue.  

On July 12th 2010, Canwest and ABC jointly announced the renewal of Rookie Blue for a second season, crediting a combination of critical response and good ratings in both Canada and the U.S. for the decision.

 Season 2 of Rookie Blue began  on June 23rd 2011 at 10pm, in simulcast with ABC.

On April 18th 2012, Rookie Blue returned for a third season, in simulcast with ABC, on Thursday, May 24th. William Shatner guest starred in the first episode.  In May 2013, the series began its fourth season on Global.

On July 17th, it was announced that both Global and the U.S. ABC Network had renewed Rookie Blue for a fifth season.  Production recommenced in January 2014, and series five made its debut on May 19th.  When Global announced its 2014 fall schedule on June 4th, Rookie Blue was named as a firm commitment as a mid-season replacement for its sixth season.  The series finally ended in July 2015,

The series was developed by ICF Films Inc. (formerly Thump Inc.) and produced in partnership with Entertainment One (eOne). Rookie Blue was executive produced by Tassie Cameron, Ilana Frank, Noreen Halpern, John Morayniss and David Wellington.

Directors included David Wellington, John Fawcett, Charles Biname and Alex Chapple.

Updated June 2013

Written by Pip Wedge – July, 2013