Specialty Channel


Network: Specialty Channel

Broadcast Run: 2004 to 2008

Broadcast Medium: Television

Season I of ReGenesis premiered on Global Television in the fall of 2005. The 13-part one-hour, science investigation drama series, tackled provocative issues including stem-cell research, mad-cow disease, and bioweaponry throughout the continuing drama series.  This was a first in Canadian broadcasting where a series produced by Canadians for The Movie Network and Movie Central, (Canada’s premier pay services), would be broadcast on conventional television following its release on pay television. ReGenesis ran, unedited, on Global.  The provocative drama series was produced by Shaftesbury Films.

 ReGenesis focused on the North American Biotechnology Advisory Commission (NorBAC), an organization formed to investigate questionable advances in biotechnology. Toronto native Peter Outerbridge starred as David Sandstrom, a molecular biologist who led a team of researchers as they sought the truth to the ethical, legal and moral consequences of scientific progress. Throughout the series, Sandstrom was constantly challenged to question the impact science had on people’s lives; often he discovered the answers were not what anyone expected to hear.  The series co-starred: Maxim Roy and Conrad Pla of Montreal, Halifax native Ellen Page, Greg Bryk and Dmitry Chepovetsky of Winnipeg, Sarah Strange and Mayko Nguyen of Vancouver and Mishu Vellani and Mark Rendall from Toronto.

 Directing duties for ReGenesis were shared by three of Canada’s most celebrated film and television directors, Genie and Gemini-nominee John L’Ecuyer (Queer as Folk, Curtis’s Charm), Gemini Award-winner Don McBrearty (The Interrogation of Michael Crowe, Butterbox Babies), and Gemini Award-winner Jerry Ciccoritti (Lives of the Saints, Trudeau). Dr. Aled Edwards, Professor and Banbury Chair of Medical Research and Chief Executive, Structure Genomics Consortium, served as the Science Consultant.

Broadcast:  2005.   The series was renewed in 2006. 

Running time: 60 minutes

Produced by Shaftesbury Films.