CJRM-AM, Moose Jaw

moved to Regina, SK

CJRM-AM1934540500moved to Regina, SK
CJRM-AM1926665500James Richardson & Sons Ltd.


Grain merchants James Richardson and Sons Ltd opened CJRM in Moose Jaw on July 27. The transmitter and studios were situated in the Richardson Building in the heart of the city.Power – 500 watts. Frequency – 665 kHz.

Richardson’s reason for entering radio was to be able to provide to the farmers and grain elevator operators in the “Breadbasket of Canada” up-to-the-minute grain and market prices.


Frequency changed to 880 kHz.


Richardson’s established studios and offices at 1819 Comwall Street in Regina. The Moose Jaw transmitter was replaced by a 1,000 watt transmitter located at Belle Plain, midway between Regina and Moose Jaw, to be shared by the Regina and Moose Jaw studios. The frequency was changed to 540 kHz.

Bert Booper moved to CJRM as Chief Engineer, he had been with CKCK regina since 1922 where he served as ‘Jack of all trades’. on air and engineering.


The Moose Jaw studios were closed. Richardsons. having obtained a licence for a Winnipeg transmitter (CJRC). established a program circuit that connected their three transmitters in Winnipeg. Fleming (CJRW) and Regina (CJRM). This enabled the Winnipeg and Regina stations to share programs when broadcasting live music and information.

In September, the Fleming transmitter, which prior to the opening of CJRC, had served the Winnipeg studios, was closed down.


When the CBC put CBK and its 50.000 watt transmitter at Watrous. Saskatchewan. CJRM was forced to vacate 540 kHz. but was assigned another frequency at 960 kHz.

Bert Hooper moved to CJRC Winnipeg.


The Sitton family, owners of the Regina Leader.Post. the Winnipeg Free Press and the Saskatoon Star Phocnix and TransCanada Communications (radio station CKCK), purchased the radio interests of James Richardson and Sons Ltd which then included CJRC and CJRM. Taylor-Pearson. Carson (TPC), which since 1936 had been managing CKCK, entered into an agreement with Siftons to manage CJRC and C.JRM.
The proprietorship of two radio stations in the same city, especially when owned by the only daily newspaper, was at odds with the licensing policy of the CBC. The Siftons were aware of this situation, but had been keen on having a station in Winnipeg and in order to obtain CJRC had to buy the full package. The conflict could have bean solved if Siftons had been allowed to move CJRM from Regina to Saskatoon as a companion to the Star Phoneix. A serious attempt was made to bring this about, but the regulator would not give its permission.

However, TPC and the Siftons pledged that CKCK and CJRM would operate with autonomy under separate staffs and managers and would be competitive.

At the request of Richardsons. the call letters CJRC and CJRM were changed to CKRC and CKRM.

And thusly, CJRM was no longer identified as a Moose Jaw/Regina station. See CKRM Regina.

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