CIZL-FM , Z 99, Regina

Rawlco Radio Inc.

CIZL-FM198298.9100,000Rawlco Communications


On March 16, Midwest Broadcasters Ltd. was granted a licence to operate a new FM station at Regina. It would operate on a frequency of 98.9 MHz with effective radiated power of 100,000 watts. Armadale Communications, owner of CKCK-AM, was also granted an FM licence, but was told to seek an alternate frequency. It had also applied for the use of 98.9 MHz. CJME’s new FM station would offer a Contemporary MOR (Middle of the Road) format. It would produce live concerts in an exchange plan with other western FM stations, and proposed to play 25% Canadian content. Midwest Broadcasters was owned by the Rawlinson family.

Doug Rawlinson was named general manager of CJME-AM. He would also be responsible for the new FM station when it began operations.


On April 28, Midwest was given approval to move the transmitter site for its proposed station to the CBC tower, about five kilometers east of Regina.

CIZL-FM signed on the air in June. 


On January 11, the CRTC renewed CIZL-FM’s licence to September 30, 1985.


CIZL was authorized to change the location for its transmitter and to increase antenna height. 


On July 26 the CRTC approved applications by Rawlco Capital Ltd., submitted on behalf of 614546 Saskatchewan Ltd., Central Broadcasting Company Limited and Rawlco Radio Ltd., to effect an intracorporate reorganization within the Rawlco Group of corporations. The corporate reorganization involved the following transactions: a) the transfer of 100% of the Common A voting shares of 614546 from Rawlco Inc. to Lobstick Investments Inc., a corporation ultimately owned and controlled by Gordon S. Rawlinson; b) the transfer of 100% of the Common A voting shares of CBCL, a wholly-owned subsidiary of G. Rawlinson, to Lobstick; and c) the transfer of 100% of the Class B voting shares of RRL from G. Rawlinson to Lobstick. RRL is currently owned equally by G. Rawlinson and Lobstick, each holding a 50% interest. Following these transactions, the applicant proposed to amalgamate the licensee corporations 614546, CBCL and RRL under a new licensee corporation, Rawlco Radio Ltd.; and to wind up Rawlco Inc. into Rawlco Capital Ltd., which currently owns 89.18% of Lobstick. These two transactions do not require Commission approval. 614546 is the licensee of CJDJ-FM Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. CBCL is the licensee of CKBI (AM), CFMM-FM and CHQX-FM Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. RRL is the licensee of CFMC-FM, CKOM (AM) Saskatoon; CIZL-FM, CJME (AM) and CKCK-FM Regina, Saskatchewan. The Commission notes that the transactions will result in a transfer of effective control of 614546, CBCL and RRL to Lobstick. However, ultimate control will remain in the hands of Gordon S. Rawlinson. 


On May 28, the CRTC renewed the licence of CIZL-FM until August 31, 2016.

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