CILG-FM, Country 100, Moose Jaw

Golden West Broadcasting Ltd.

CILG-FM2002100.7100,000Golden West Broadcasting Ltd.


On October 19, Golden West Broadcasting Ltd. was granted a licence for a new specialty FM station at Moose Jaw. The new FM would broadcast on frequency 93.7 MHz with 100,000 watts of effective radiated power. Golden West was the licensee of CHAB-AM in Moose Jaw. The licensee indicated that the new FM station would use the infrastructure currently in place for the AM station. This arrangement would allow the licensee to operate the new undertaking economically and would provide the community of Moose Jaw with a broader range of services.  


Golden West had applied for a change to that of a non-specialty format for the new Moose Jaw FM station. Approval of the application would allow the station to broadcast any mix of music, so long as at least 70% was drawn from the pop, rock and dance and/or country categories. The CRTC denied the application on August 25.

On October 2,Golden West’s application to change the frequency and move the transmitter site for its proposed Moose Jaw station was denied. The company had hoped to place the transmitter on the Global Communications television tower at Disley, thereby saving more than $100,000 in construction costs. The tower was located approximately 35 kilometres north-east of the originally authorized transmitter site in downtown Moose Jaw. Golden West had also proposed to change the frequency from 93.7 MHz to 100.7 MHz.


Golden West was granted a change of frequency on January 25 for its proposed Moose Jaw FM station.  It would move from 93.7 MHz to 100.7 MHz. The station would also relocate the transmitter to a site near Disley (Global TV tower), some 35 kilometres north-east of the transmitter location proposed in the original application. The CRTC denied this same application in 2000 – the earlier proposal was based on the Commission’s determination that approval would have resulted in a fundamental change in the station’s market. Subsequent Commission decisions concerning the ownership and/or the technical parameters of various radio stations serving Regina had transformed the radio market in southern Saskatchewan to a degree that effectively altered and diminished the concerns that prompted the earlier denial, and justified approval of the 2002 application.

“Country 100” – CILG-FM 100.7 signed on July 23, at 6:00 a.m. Because CILG had a country format, sister station CHAB 800 switched from country to oldies.


On May 15, Golden West Broadcasting Ltd. was given permission to operate a new FM station at Moose Jaw. Golden West owned and operated the two incumbent commercial radio stations in the market: CHAB-AM, which offered a Greatest Hits format, and CILG-FM, which had a Country format. Golden West’s new station would offer an Adult Contemporary music format with a broad range of popular music.


On March 29, the CRTC approved the application by 101142236 Saskatchewan Ltd. for authority to acquire, as part of a corporate reorganization, the assets of CHAB, CILG-FM and CJAW-FM Moose Jaw from Golden West Broadcasting Ltd. The Commission noted that the transaction approved in this decision was effected on 1 September 2009 through the transfer, from Golden West to 101142236 Saskatchewan, of all assets and liabilities relating to CHAB, CILG-FM and CJAW-FM. As a result of the transaction, 101142236 Saskatchewan would become the licensee of these undertakings. The corporate reorganization was for estate planning and did not affect the effective control of these undertakings, which continued to be exercised by Golden West through its wholly owned subsidiary 101142236 Saskatchewan. Golden West is indirectly controlled by Mr. Elmer Hildebrand. The Commission noted that the above-mentioned transaction was subject to a prior approval requirement pursuant to subsection 11(4) of the Radio Regulations, 1986 (the Regulations). The Commission reminded 101142236 Saskatchewan that full compliance with the Regulations is required at all times.

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