CHSK-FM, Campus/Community, Saskatoon

University of Saskatchewan

CHSK-FM198389.73,800University of Saskatchewan
CJUS-FM196589.73,800University of Saskatchewan


CJUS-FM was launched by the University of Saskatchewan – a partnership between the university’s board of governors and the student union. Studios were located in the basement of the Memorial Union Building at the university. The “US” in the call sign: University of Saskatchewan. CJUS broadcast on a frequency of 89.7 MHz with an effective radiated power of 3,800 watts.


Studios and offices moved to the basement of the Education Building, next to the Department of Audio Visual Services.


CJUS-FM installed a new transmitter.




CHSK had been in financial trouble for some time, and this year the university’s board decided to discontinue its funding of the station.


CHSK ceased broadcasting on September 30.


With the demise of CHSK-FM, a small group of concerned individuals decided to form the Community Radio Society of Saskatoon. They set out to convince the city of a need for a non-profit, community radio station. As a result community station CFCR-FM was later launched. Many former CJUS/CHSK people were involved with the new station.


CJUS-FM returned as an internet-only station but this did not last very long.

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