CHSC-AM, Unity

Horace Stovin / Left the air

CHSC-AM1929n/an/aHorace Stovin / Left the air
CHSC-AM192425050Horace Stovin
10AT-AM192325010Horace Stovin


10AT began broadcasting from the back room of Horace Stovins Pharmacy in the small town of Unity, north of Regina. This 10 watt license cost $ 10.00 and Horace received letters from several hundred miles away confriming that his staion had been heard. 


Stovin felt he should try and make this hobby pay for itself, so he applied for a commercial license ($ 50.00) and he and his friends erected an 82 foot tower  made of wooden slats, and changed the call sign to CHSC.


Stovin closed down CHSC and moved to Regina to organize Plaiunsman Broadcasters and sign a managment agreement contract to operate CKCK Regina for the owner, the Leader-Post newspaper.

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