CHAB-AM, 800 CHAB, Moose Jaw

Golden West Broadcasting Ltd.

CHAB-AM199280010,000Golden West Broadcasting Ltd.
CHAB-AM196880010,000/5,000CHAB Ltd. (Moffat Broadcasting Ltd. 100%)
CHAB-AM195880010,000/5,000CHAB Ltd. (Lloyd Moffat buys 50%)
CHAB-AM19478005,000Bill Davis & Jack Slaight
CHAB-AM19468005,000CHAB Ltd.
CHAB-AM194112201,000CHAB Ltd.
CHAB-AM19331200100CHAB Ltd. (Carson Buchanan)
10AB-AM1924120050Moose Jaw Radio Association
10AB-AM1922120050Moose Jaw Amateur Radio Club
10AB-AM1922120050Kiwanis Club


10AB began broadcasting on April 23. The Moose Jaw Amateur Radio Association had planned originally to operate the station, but found they couldn’t afford to run it, so handed it over to the Kiwanis Club. 10AB was licensed as a non-commercial station at 1200 KHz with 50 watts of power.


In the fall, the Kiwanis Club returned control of 10AB to the now-organized Moose Jaw Radio Association. The studio was moved from the YMCA building to the top floor of Norman Bellamy’s furniture store.


Studios were re-located in the Grant Hall Hotel.


Unable to continue for lack of financial support from public donations, 10AB left the air at midnight November 11th as Rudy Vallee provided the background to the sign-off singing I’m Heading for the Last Round-up. A commercial licence was issued by the Federal Government and 10AB returned to the air as CHAB on December 17th. A company was formed, with the secretary of the Amateur Radio Association, Carson Buchanan, as General Manager and part-owner. CHAB continued to operate at 1200 KHz with 100 watts, and later, was authorized to raise the daytime power to 250 watts. 


Elwood Glover, a native of Moose Jaw, began his radio career with a five dollar a week job at CHAB.


CHAB was authorized to increase daytime power to 250 watts. Night power would remain at 100 watts. 

CHAB became a British United. Press subscriber.

Announcer Elwood Glover left CHAB for CBC Toronto.


Jimmy Kent joined the CHAB announcing staff.


Norman S. McBain joined CHAB.


Under the Havana Treaty CHAB was to move from 1200 to 1230 kHz (Class IV) with power of 250 watts. The agreement was modified and on March 29, CHAB moved to 1220 kHz (Class II) with authorization for 1,000 watts. CHAB purchased a Canadian Marconi 1 kW transmitter for the upgrade. 

Norman McBain left CHAB for the RCAF.


Norm McBain of Winnipeg joined CHAB as an announcer. Everett Smallwood joined CHAB’s transmitter staff. Barry Nesbitt started his radio career at CHAB and became an announcer in 1944.


Earl Cameron left CHAB to join CKY Winnipeg’s announce staff.


CHAB became Moose Jaw affiliate for the CBC Dominion Network. 

Syd Boyling was program manager. Bob Giles was production manager. Announcer Norman McBain left for CKCK in Regina. 


Station slogan” Southern Saskatchewan’s Most Popular Station”. 


H.C. Buchanan was manager.


The federal government refused the sale of CHAB by Carson Buchanan to the Saskatchewan Government. It was now understood that Buchanan would continue operation of the station. 

On December 6, CHAB moved down the dial to 800 KHz, with a power increase to 5 kw. 

Bill Rapanos left CHAB for the announcing staff at CJVI Victoria.


It was confirmed in January that CHAB was to be sold to John E. Slaight of the city and William (Bill) L. Davis of Prince Albert, who had organized a company known as Radio Station CHAB Ltd. for the purpose of operating the station. Sid Boyling, associated with CHAB for a number of years, was appointed general manager of the new company. Mr. Slaight was manager of the Moose Jaw Times-Herald but it was pointed out that CHAB would be operated entire separately under Boyling’s management. After the sale, Carson Buchanan would retire. Davis was involved with the Prince Albert Daily Herald and Slaight was also involved with the Galt Daily Reporter. 

Glen Turner was commercial manager. Eleanor Woolard left CHAB for the continuity department at CKRC Winnipeg. 

Slogan: 5000 Hard-Working Watts.

CHAB was granted a 250 watt FM licence.


CHAB received approval to operate an emergency transmitter.

Lloyd Crittenden was sales manager.

Slogan: Buy CHAB Moose Jaw To Sell Saskatchewan. 

Allan Slaight joined CHAB to work for his father. This is where he started his radio career.


C.H. Witney left CHAB as promotion manager to become manager at CFAR Flin Flon. Sid Boyling was manager and Lloyd Crittenden was commercial manager. Rita Spicer entered the radio business at CHAB. 


Allan Slaight moved to CFRN Edmonton.


The CBC Board approved the recapitalization of Radio Station CHAB Ltd. from 50,000 common and 500 preferred shares to 50,000 common and 3,116 preferred shares. The board also approved the transfer of 708 common shares in Radio Station CHAB Ltd.


Joanne Crebo was continuity writer, Yvette Pilon was receptionist, Florence Kapell was secretary and Pat Breesnee was traffic manager.

The CBC Board of Governors approved the transfer of control of CHAB from J.E. Slaight and W.L. Davis to W.L. Davis. 


Approval was given for the transfer of four common shares in Radio Station CHAB Ltd.

CHAB joined the RTNDA.

Earl Barnholden was news director.


CHAB introduced “CHABy” the moose for promotions. 


Lulu Davis took over ownership of CHAB for a time, following her husband’s death.


CHAB increased power from 5,000 watts full-time (single directional pattern) to 10,000 watts daytime and 5,000 watts at night. 


Shareholders of Radio Station CHAB Ltd.: Mrs. G. F. Davis 24.4%, J. S Boyling 25.3%, Mrs. L. A. Davis 50.0%, C. H. Carr 0.1%, J. E. Johnson 0.1%, Mrs. P. C. Boyling 0.1%. CHAB was an affiliate of the CBC Dominion network. Mrs. L. A. Davis was president of the company and Sid Boyling was station manager.

CHAB was authorized to increase power from 1,000 watts day & night (one directional pattern) to 10,000 watts day and 5,000 watts night (directional at night).
CHAB was granted a licence for a television station at Moose Jaw.


The CBC Board of Governors approved the transfer control of Radio Station CHAB Ltd. to Jack D. Moffat. 

Ad slogan: More coverage – now 10,000 watts. CHAB Moose Jaw SK 800 kcs. 


Ad slogan: Bigger than ever – CHAB Moose Jaw – 800 kcs – 10,000 watts.

Grant Lamar left CHAB for the announce staff at CJME Regina.


The Dominion and Trans-Canada networks consolidated into a single CBC Radio network. CHAB’s affiliaton with the CBC ended at this time.


Lloyd Moffat died unexpectedly.


Jack Moffat was President of CHAB Limited.


Jack Moffat, president and general manager of CHAB Ltd., sold controlling interest in CHAB-AM-TV and CHRE-TV to Jim Pattison Enterprises, subject to BBG approval.


Moffat Broadcasting Ltd. announced that Randall L. Moffat and his sister, Donna M. Pryor, had exercised an option to buy the controlling interest of their uncle, Jack. D. Moffat, in CHAB Ltd. (CHAB-AM-TV Moose Jaw and CHRE-TV Regina). Federal approval was required. Jack Moffat had previously announced the sale of the company to Jim Pattison Enterprises Ltd subject to first refusal rights of minority interests. Moffat Broadcasting owned CKLG-AM-FM Vancouver and CKY Winnipeg, of which Randall was president, and CKXL Calgary, of which Donna was president. The company also had a part interest in CHED Edmonton.

On May 30, Moffat Broadcasting received approval to acquire the Moose Jaw and Regina stations but would have to find another purchaser for CHRE-TV and CHAB-TV within a year or the licenses would be automatically revoked. Both stations were CTV affiliates and the network was owned by its affiliated stations. Moffat already owned 50% of CJAY-TV in Winnipeg, another CTV station. No person or company could control more than one CTV station. Moffat agreed to transfer its rights, powers and obligations as a CTV member to G. Ross Snead for one year. He would act as a representative of CHAB Ltd. on the CTV board during this period.

Moffat Broadcasting Ltd. obtained 100% ownership of CHAB-AM.

John Sitter was appointed sales manager and had been with the station four years.


On July 18, CHAB Ltd. had its application to sell CHAB-TV and CHRE-TV to Western Broadcast Management Ltd. denied. The CRTC instead approved the sale of the stations to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. In September, CHAB-TV and CHRE-TV became CBKMT Moose Jaw and CBKRT Regina. 

CHAB was affiliated with CHUM Limited’s new Canadian Contemporary News System. 

Vern Traill was general manager. Bob Meikle was appointed local sales manager. He had been with the station for two years.

James M. Pryor was named chairman of the board of Moffat Broadcasting Ltd.


Cy Coffyne was appointed general sales manager. He had been a sales executive at CKXL Calgary.


Moffat Broadcasting Ltd became publicly-traded Moffat Communications Ltd.


J. R. (Ron) Mitchell died on August 20 while on vacation in Florida. He was 46. Mitchell was President of Moffat Communications Ltd., MTV Ltd. (CKY-TV) and Winnipeg Videon Ltd.


Randall L. (Randy) Moffat, Chair of Moffat Communications Ltd., assumed the post of president, following the death of Ron Mitchell.

CHAB increased power to 10,000 watts full-time (directional at night), using three towers.


CHAB was authorized to change its transmitter site.


CHAB announced that it would use the Kahn AM Stereo system.


News director Bill Leonard left CHAB to work for the Canadian Cancer Society.


Stan Ravendahl and Vern Traill swapped stations. Ravendahl moved to CHED (Edmonton) while Trail returned to CHAB.


In August, the CRTC approved the sale of CHAB by Moffat Communications Ltd. to Golden West Broadcasting. The sale was part of Moffat’s divestiture of its radio properties. 


Golden West named Ed Lundberg to the position of general manager of CHAB. 


CHAB “Country 800” celebrated 75 years on the air.

Bill Hildebrand was general manager and Barrie Vice was program director. 

Kris Sheldon Mazurak moved from CHAB to become program director at CKSW/CIMG Swift Current. He also handles music duties for the Swift Current stations as well as for CHAB and Shaunavon’s CJSN.


On July 23, CHAB switched from country (Country 800) to oldies (800 CHAB – The Greatest Hits Of All Time… music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and whatever!) with the launch of new sister station CILO (Country 100) FM. 


On May 15 the CRTC approved an application by Golden West Broadcasting to operate a new FM station at Moose Jaw. GWB already owned and operated CHAB with a Greatest Hits format and CILG-FM with a Country format. The new station would offer an Adult Contemporary format with a broad range of popular music. 


On March 29, the CRTC approved the application by 101142236 Saskatchewan Ltd. for authority to acquire, as part of a corporate reorganization, the assets of CHAB, CILG-FM and CJAW-FM Moose Jaw from Golden West Broadcasting Ltd. The Commission noted that the transaction approved in this decision was effected on 1 September 2009 through the transfer, from Golden West to 101142236 Saskatchewan, of all assets and liabilities relating to CHAB, CILG-FM and CJAW-FM. As a result of the transaction, 101142236 Saskatchewan would become the licensee of these undertakings. The corporate reorganization was for estate planning and did not affect the effective control of these undertakings, which continued to be exercised by Golden West through its wholly owned subsidiary 101142236 Saskatchewan. Golden West is indirectly controlled by Mr. Elmer Hildebrand. The Commission noted that the above-mentioned transaction was subject to a prior approval requirement pursuant to subsection 11(4) of the Radio Regulations, 1986 (the Regulations). The Commission reminded 101142236 Saskatchewan that full compliance with the Regulations is required at all times.

On May 28, the CRTC renewed the licence of CHAB until August 31, 2016.

Former CHAB personality Mal Faris passed away October 5. 


Former CHAB staffer Barry Nesbitt passed away at age 85 on October 8.


Spence Bozak died at age 66. Bozak, the brother of Mitch (Global TV Regina), was best remembered as CKCK-TV’s booth announcer and weatherman, many years earlier. He began his career at hometown CHAB Moose Jaw, then moved to CHAB-TV as Host of a show called Teen Tempo. By the late ’70s, Bozak left TV to co-found Dome Advertising, which became Saskatchewan’s “agency of record” after the Conservatives took power provincially in 1982.


Vern Traill (92) passed away on January 3. He started his career with CHAB, moving to Edmonton in 1980 to take on general manager duties at CHED. Vern returned to CHAB in 1988 as manager. Traill also served as chairman of the Radio Bureau of Canada.

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