CFMQ-FM , Community, Hudson Bay

HB Communications Inc.

CFMQ-FM200298.138.2HB Communications Inc.


HB Communications Inc. was awarded a licence for a community FM station at Hudson Bay on August 15. The station would broadcast with an effective radiated power of 38.2 watts on a frequency of 98.1 MHz.  It would broadcast four hours of locally-produced programming each week consisting of educational programs, local talent, community meetings as well as special and sporting events. The remaining 122 hours of programming broadcast each week between 6:00 a.m. and midnight would originate with CHFI-FM Toronto.  HB Communications was owned by Dan and Sherry Brann.

CFMQ-FM signed on the air October 26.


On August 10 the CRTC renewed the licence for CFMQ-FM to August 31, 2014. The Commission noted that the composition of the board of directors of the station did not meet the requirements set out in the Community radio policy. The Commission expected the board of directors of CFMQ-FM to include more members of the community at large in order to reflect the needs and interests of the community that the station was licensed to serve.


On July 29, the CRTC approved the application by HB Communications Inc. to amend the licence for CFMQ-FM by relocating the transmitter to another site. The licensee proposed to relocate the transmitter to a site within the town of Hudson Bay, five kilometres away from the existing site. The land on which the existing transmitter was located had been sold.


Sherry and Dan Brann, hosts of their Brann Flakes morning show at CFMQ announced they would retire in the fall after 20 years. They were also seeking serious inquiries from competent people to keep their community station on the air.

In November Chris Brinklow would be the new manager of CFMQ and on November 10, Sherry and Dan Brann retired after 20 years of doing their Brann Flakes morning show on the station, as well as administering and managing the operation.

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