CBKF-AM 1, Premiere Chaine, Gravelbourg

Canadian Broadcastng Corp.

CBKF-AM 119751230250Canadian Broadcastng Corp.
CFGR / CFRG-AM19521230250Radio Gravelbourg Ltee.


Radio Gravelbourg Ltee received approval for the operation of a French-language radio station at Gravelbourg. The applicant had planned to use 1340 kHz with a power of 250 watts but was told it could not use that frequency and must seek a different channel. Radio Gravelbourg would be operated by Dumont LePage.


CFRG began operations June 1. It operated on a frequency of 1230 kHz and was power 250 watts (non-directional). The station was owned by Radio-Gravelbourg Ltee. and the “RG” in the call letters stood for Radio Gravelbourg. 

The CBC French Radio Network was extended from Edmundston, NB to Edmonton, AB…CKSB St. Boniface, CHFA Edmonton, CFRG Gravelbourg and CFNS Saskatoon joined the network. 


CFRG became a member of CARTB (CAB). 

Approval was given for a change of frequency from 1230 to 710 kHz and a power increase from 250 to 500 watts. On 710 kHz, CFRG would become a daytime-only operation.


CFGR was born. CFRG moved from 1230 kHz to 710 kHz and increased power from 250 watts to 5,000 watts. The station broadcast from sunrise to sunset. Programming would continue at night on the original 1230 kHz frequency and power of 250 watts under the call sign of CFGR. 


CFRG was operating on 710 kHz with a daytime non-directional power of 5,000 watts while CFGR was on 1230 kHz with a non-directional night power of 250 watts. The station was affiliated with the CBC’s French language radio network. Ownership of Radio Gravelbourg Ltee.: Dr. Rosario Morin (15.4%), Albert Forcier (7.7%) plus some general shareholders. Dr. Morin was president of the company. Dumont Lepage was manager and program director of the station.


Ad slogan: 4 stations open the door for sales of the 180,000 French-speaking Western “Canadiens” – CHFA, CFNS, CFRG, CKSB – The Western Canada French radio group.


As a western group, CFNS Saskatoon, CFRG Gravelbourg, CHFA Edmonton and CKSB St. Boniface reached over 176,000 French speaking consumers.


Pierre Lafrance was now president of Radio Gravelbourg Ltee. Dumont Lepage was still the manager and was also the commercial manager.


On July 12, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was authorized to purchase CFRG-CFGR from Radio-Gravelbourg Ltee. On August 31 at 11:05 a.m., broadcasting was discontinued on CFRG. With the CBC taking ownership on September 1, CFRG began receiving all programming from Radio-Canada’s Regina studios.


On April 24, CBKF-FM Regina signed on the air. CFRG-CFGR became a rebroadcaster of the new French-language station. (The Gravelbourg call letters would eventually change to CBKF-1) 

On June 9, CFRG-CFGR was given approval to move from 710 kHz Day and 1230 kHz Night to 690 kHz Day and Night. Night-time power would increase from 250 watts to 5,000 watts (directional). Daytime power would remain at 5,000 watts. The stations would now just be CFGR and a directional antenna pattern would be used at night, and the station would broadcast from a new transmitter site. 

See CBKF-FM Regina for more information

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