CBK-FM-1, Radio One, Saskatoon

Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

CBK-FM 1201394.14,100Canadian Broadcasting Corp.


On September 23, the CRTC approved the CBC’s application for a broadcasting licence to operate an English-language FM radio programming undertaking in Saskatoon. The new station would replace CBK’s rebroadcasting transmitter CBK-1-FM and operate under the same technical parameters (94.1 MHz with ERP of 4,100 watts and EHAAT of 68.2 metres). The station would continue to broadcast programming received from the CBC’s national Radio One network, but would also broadcast at least 12 hours and 30 minutes of local programming to Saskatoon residents in each broadcast week. Local programming would consist of a mix of local, national and international news, up-to-date weather forecasts, road conditions, sports coverage, interviews and short documentaries. CBK-1-FM would be deleted from the licence of CBK Regina. The licence would expire August 31, 2020.  

CBK-1-FM was first licenced on March 16, 2006 as a nested FM transmitter for CBK Regina. See the CBK history for greater detail.

On the same date (Sept. 23), Saskatoon Morning made its debut on CBK-1-FM while The Morning Edition continued on CBK Regina and its network of transmitters. The new morning show aired between 6:00 and 8:30 a.m. and was hosted by Leisha Grebinski, newscaster Dan Kerslake and online host Matt Kruchak. This new broadcast actually began online, April 29. The CBC had hoped to begin broadcasting over the air on that date but CRTC approval had not yet been received so an online service was provided instead.

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