CKYK-FM , KYK Radio X, Alma

Cogeco Inc.

CKYK-FM201895.7100,000Cogeco Media Inc.
CKYK-FM200795.7100,000RNC Media
CKYK-FM200495.7100,000Radio Nord Communications
CKYK-FM200095.7100,000Group Radio Antenne “6” Inc.
CKYK-FM199395.550,000Radio CKYK-FM Inc. (Marc-André Lévesque)


On January 6th, Gestion Germaine Lévesque Inc /Rosaire Leclerc and Getsion Stalnia Inc (Lévesque/Leclerc/Stalnia) received licence approval for a new French language FM radio station in Alma, QC. The station would operate on 95.5 MHz, with an effective radiated power of 50,000 watts. The licence would expire on August 31st 1997.

The station would broadcast 57 hours of local programming per week, and draw the remainder of its schedule from the Cogeco radio network, with which it would be affiliated. There would also be major emphasis on regional news.


On August 14th, approval was received from the CRTC for CKYK-FM to add a new transmitter at Alma, to operate on 99.1 MHz with effective radiated power of 7.9. This would improve the station’s coverage of the Alma area. However, the Commission denied CKYK-FM’s application for permission to add another transmitter east of Jonquière, saying that such a transmitter would have a negative effect on existing local radio stations.


On November 18th, an application by CKYK-FM for permission to relocate its transmitter from near Chambord to east of Larouche, and to change the frequency and increase the power, was turned down by the CRTC, on the grounds that this would extend the station’s signal beyond the market for which it was licensed, and would unduly effect existing local stations.


In the wake of the new Commercial Radio Policy introduced by the CRTC in 1998, CKYK-FM brought forward a new application to change frequencies and boost power, and on June 9th their proposal was approved by the Commission. This involved a frequency change from 95.5 to 95.7, and an increase in effective radiated power from 50,000 to 100,000 watts.


In December, the station was notified by the CRTC that earlier in the year it had not complied with those sub-sections of the Regulations governing the making of and supply of logger tapes. The station responded with explanations for the non-compliance, and undertook to rectify these problems by early in 1993.


On August 31st, CRTC approval was given for the control of CKYK-FM Alma to be transferred to Radio Nord Communications, by virtue of Radio Nord acquiring 75% ownership in Groupe Radio Antenne 6 Inc., which owned six radio stations of which CKYK-FM was one.


On March 24th, CKYK-FM received a short-term renewal of its licence, from July 1st 2005 to August 31st 2009. In issuing the renewal, the CRTC said it would be reviewing, at an early date, the station’s compliance with the Regulations.


Radio Nord Communications, parent company of Groupe Radio Antenne 6, which in turned owned CKYK-FM, changed its name to RNC Media, with the slogan “The Passion to Communicate”. 


In March CKYK 95.7 (and CKYK-1 96.3 Alma) changed format from Contemporary Hits (KYK FM) to Alternative Rock (KYK Radio X).


On May 28, the CRTC renewed the licence of CKYK-FM (and its transmitter CKYK-FM-1 Alma) until August 31, 2016.


In April, CKYK received approval to decrease power from 23,810 to 19,588 watts (Maximum ERP would remain 100,000 watts).


On October 11, the CRTC approved the application by Cogeco inc. on behalf of its subsidiary Cogeco Media Inc. for authority to acquire CKYK-FM, CKYK-FM-1 and several other stations from RNC Media Inc.

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